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The Emeralds Dance Team was established in April 2010 after the formation of the fifth high school in CCISD and is made up of a group of talented young ladies whose passion is dance. The girls are required to maintain a higher than average academic standing and are expected to represent their school and community as positive role models.


This is the 10th year of the Emeralds Dance Team giving these girls amazing opportunities and continuing traditions that add to the Team's legacy and create life-long memories.



• Officer Camp

• Team Camp

• Orientation Pep Rally

• Before School Practices



• Spirit Activities

• Dance Clinic

• School Supported Social Activities

• Team Sister Events

• Community Service Projects

• Holiday Parties

• End of the Year Banquet



• Knights Football Games

• Pep Rallies

• Knights Basketball Games

• Competitions

• Trips

• Emerald Spring Show



Top Row: Hazyl Stark, Maddie Hollman, Taylor Jacobsen, Ella Vansco, Addisen Clark, Avery Fields, Katie Shipley, Rhyan Sandel, Elle Greenfield, Norah Abschneider, Sienna Rodriguez, Chloe Montegut, Ashlyn Whittleman, Emma Baudains, Georgia Payne, Allie Sauers

Third Row: Sophia Dicks, Grace Cleary, Johanna Osorto, Brenna Bernhardt, Julia Rodriguez, Chelsea Harrington, Celeste Delafuente, Adison Jones, Katelynn Spencer, Ryleigh Norris, Bailey Whitmire, Kyli Jaminola 

Second Row: Addy Runchey, Jules Ware, Sydney R. Williams, Katelyn Daniel, Shelby Williamson, Kennedy Wilson, Wellsley Knobloch

Bottom Row: Callie Dimel, Riley Conklin, Riley Butner, Julia Van Pelt, Katelyn Wilson, Mia Bazzy, Sydney A. Williams



Top: Senior Lieutenant Sydney A. Williams, Senior Lieutenant Mia Bazzy, Senior Lieutenant Riley Conklin, Senior Lieutenant Callie Dimel

Middle: Lieutenant Colonel Riley Butner, 1st Senior Lieutenant Katelyn Wilson

Bottom: Colonel Julia Van Pelt



Top: Spirit Leader Addy Runchey, Historian Kennedy Wilson, Liaison Jules Ware, Social Media Wellsley Knobloch

Middle : 1st Vice President Sydney R. Williams, 2nd Vice President Shelby Williamson

Bottom: President Katelyn Daniel

2023 Seniors


Top: Sophia Dicks, Grace Cleary, Sienna Rodriguez, Taylor Jacobsen, Allie Sauers, Avery Fields, Elle Greenfield, Bailey Whitmire, Kyli Jaminola

Middle: Callie Dimel, Sydney R. Williams, Katelyn Daniel, Shelby Williamson, Sydney A. Williams

Bottom: Mia Bazzy, Riley Butner, Julia Van Pelt, Katelyn Wilson, Riley Conklin

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