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The Emeralds Dance Team was established in April 2010 after the formation of the fifth high school in CCISD and is made up of a group of talented young ladies whose passion is dance. The girls are required to maintain a higher than average academic standing and are expected to represent their school and community as positive role models.

This is the eigth year of the Emeralds Dance Team giving these girls amazing opportunities and continuing traditions that add to the Team's legacy and create life-long memories.

Top Row: Mikayla Anding, Lauren Hooker, Melody McPherson, Maren McMinn, Julia Woodcox, Gabby Kipina, Isabelle Bentley, Madison Hall, Taylor Gay, Ally Kenney, Madellyn Joseph, Shelby Dunham, Reagan Ross, Isabella Anding, Anabelle Hollman, Vittoria Cicalese, Arianna Srb

Third Row: Manager Anissa Acevedo, Hannah Orff, MacKinsey Williford, Katia Rodriguez, Jameslee Hendricks, Livi Foreman, Abigail Stephens, Eden Chambers, Kayleigh Kralovetz, Alison Cannon, Elizabeth Estrada, Gracie Rieves, Kaylin Lopez, Sacha Bennett, Kaylee Garza, Manager Rachel Villagomez

Second Row: Mia Bailey, Alyssa Scott, Peyton Mabry, Mary Hester, Brooke Bessinger, Bella Crain, Abigail Hollman, Brooke Grigsby, Katherine Toerner, Katherine Boulais, Bianca Granelli, Sterling McKinney

Front Row:  Mary Helen Lewis, Raquel Calvillo, Rebecca Zerecheck, Taylor Scott, Kaitlyn Nelson, Lauren Bourque


Top Row: Junior Lieutenant Mary Helen Lewis, Junior Lieutenant Kaitlyn Nelson, Junior Lieutenant Lauren Bourque  

Second Row: Lieutenant Colonel Rebecca Zerecheck, Senior Lieutenant Raquel Calvillo

Front Row: Colonel Taylor Scott


Top Row: Historian Katherine Boulais, Chaplain Brooke Bessinger, Liaison Peyton Mabry, Spirit Leader Bella Crain, PR Chair Mary Hester

Second Row: 1st Vice President Brooke Grigsby, 2nd Vice President Katherine Toerner

Front Row: President Abigail Hollman


 Top Row: Sacha Bennett, Gabby Kipina, Brooke Grigsby, Katherine Toerner, Kaylee Garza

Second Row: Abigail Hollman

Front Row: Rebecca Zerecheck, Taylor Scott, Raquel Calvillo

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