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The Booster Club raises funds for a variety of purposes including costumes, props, competition fees and choreography. These items are essential to a successful performing and competing dance team.

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Become a sponsor to support the dedication and hard work of these young ladies!  Sponsorship opportunities are available year-round.





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Booster Club Officers

We will be utilizing Charms this year.  Charms is a way for school organizations to organize, manage, and communicate.  The school code is “clearfallshsdance”.  Hand-outs have been given to each Emerald regarding how they and parents can access Charms.


See the Emeralds Google Calendar for the latest schedule.


Did you know that you can setup the Emerald Calendar on your computer, tablet or smartphone to get updates in your device’s calendar.  It makes it easy to stay up to date on the busy schedule of the team.   See Google Calendar help for more information and configuration steps for specific devices.

The settings required to subscribe to the Emeralds Calendar (copy and past the settings that pertain to your device) …

Emeralds Calender Owner Contact Email (if Google Calendar is directly supported)

Emeralds Calendar iCAL URL (normally used from an Apple iPhone, iPad, …)

Emeralds Calendar HTML URL (normally used from a computer)

Emeralds Calender XML URL (can be used from Android or Apple)

Please note, the Emeralds schedule is subject to change.  We do our best to keep it up to date, however information issued directly to the Emeralds by the directors will always take precedence.


As per CCISD policy, all volunteers must register online (even if you’ve registered in previous years you must re-register).  Please visit CCISD Volunteer Information link for more information and to register.

Volunteer Info Printable Form Online Form

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Lisa Boulais

Julie Orff

Misty Williford

Stephanie Chambers

Nancy Srb

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2018-2019 Documents

   CCISD Dance Team Constitution   UPDATED

   Emeralds Handbook    UPDATED

   Uniform Agreement    UPDATED

    Big/Lil’ Sister Gifts     UPDATED

   Demerit Rules

   CFHS Student Travel Packet

   Accessing CHARMS

Use the link below to enter the Amazon website each time you shop. When you enter their website from here and make a purchase, up to 10% of the purchase will be donated by Amazon back to the Emeralds.

Amazon Rewards Kroger Rewards

Follow the instructions in this Letter to link your Kroger card to “Clear Falls HS Emeralds Booster Club” (NPO: RB911).

Remember to scan your card each time you check-out (or enter your “Alternate ID”).  A percentage of each purchase will be donated back to the Emeralds through a quarterly Donation.